Upcoming rain could worsen conditions in Lee County

Lee Co Planning Meeting

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County officials want residents to know they are doing all they can to pump the water out of neighborhoods that have been flooded.

With more heavy rain forecast this weekend, Lee County officials advise residents to prepare ahead of time.

They are aware of the locations still flooded but they say they are working in one location to pump out water into a county owned green space.

With the six ponds in the subdivision, the base pond has over flown so it will take time to have it pumped out, which could mean worse conditions for this weekend.

“The ground is saturated, our water table is high so there is no where for this water to run off to or be absorb and so it goes back into the lowest areas it can. Water finds its level, so when it finds a low spot somewhere it fills it,” said Co-County Manager Mike Sistrunk.

Sistrunk said the best way to prepare for the rain coming this weekend is to pickup free sandbags they are giving out at the public works department.

That address is 759 Highway 32 East.

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