Lowndes Co. asks people to prepare for flooding ahead of rainy weekend

Lowndes Rain Prep

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Parts of Lowndes County just saw flooding from last weekend’s storms, so county leaders want you to get ready now for more rain.

Most of the water appears to have receded from the area at this point, but the damage remains.

The county wants you to get ready now for a possible rise in flood levels.

Officials said you shouldn’t panic, but you need to stay informed and make sure you take the proper precautions for your own safety and belongings now.

“If they’re in areas that have had some problems in the past, now is the time to go ahead and secure your belongings, keep an eye on those river levels, as well as the skies with the rain that we have coming in. Make plans now so that everyone is not caught as the water rises, trying to move their contents or secure those things,” said County Spokesperson Paige Dukes.

Dukes said the county is currently at a minor flood stage.

The worse case scenario for the weather is four to six inches of rain because it could cause problems for many.

Officials said you should check your drainage systems near your home for any leftover storm debris.

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