Hurricane Michael ruins Christmas tree farm

Hurricane Michael ruins Christmas tree farm

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - For more than three decades, one Christmas tree farmer has grown a thousand trees.

Busy Elves Christmas Tree Farm in Leesburg is trying to recover from Hurricane Michael.

Christmas trees were really leaning after Hurricane Michael swept through back in October.

“I had 2,006 trees growing. And I’ve got trees that some of them are totally dead, because they were pulled out of the ground,” explained Busy Elves owner Joedy Putnal.

Putnal said he gets some of his trees from North Carolina and grows some at his farm as well.

He said there was a shortage of trees in North Carolina due to a large corporation monopolizing the industry and strategically selling their Frazier firs to certain areas.

And Hurricane Michael blew over many of his Christmas trees, if not snapped the trees entirely.

“It’s painful and it’s tough to put up some of these trees. You break some of the roots when they blow over and when you put them up you break some roots on the other side. But we’ve got some good trees out here.”

But one advantage to the trees that are still leaning is that it is easier to cut down, Putnal explained.

He is hopeful the season of buying this Christmas staple still goes well.

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