Federal assistance to help Albany police crack down on gang violence

Fed Gang Cases

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Police Gang Unit Commander said they are fully aware gang activity is going on in the community, but they are working diligently to solve the problems at their root.

Hearing people talk about combating gang violence may sound like a broken record, but the Albany Police Department Gang Unit said it’s putting its staff through more training and on federal task forces to solve the problem.

Several of the gang unit’s investigators are on the FBI Safe Street Task Force and the U.S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force.

They said that helps provide additional resources to combat the issues.

All gang unit investigators have been to investigator courses to be certified and they’ll go to another course that will advance their skills.

They also have Project Safe Neighorhood, a federal initiative to catch convicted felons committing crimes after they’re released.

“And those federal cases, if they get sentenced, that’s a pretty harsh sentence they’re going to get in federal court under Project Safe Neighborhood. This unit alone I think has sent seven or eight cases to the federal system already this year,” said Lieutenant Victor Camp, commander for the Albany Police Department’s Gang Unit.

Camp said that not all of these cases are gang members, they’re just people they make contact with on traffic stops who are convicted felons with weapons on them illegally. He said the gang unit has been spending a lot of time at identifying problem areas throughout the city.

Camp said their goal is to be everywhere, but they need your help as well.

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