Deadline to apply for FEMA quickly approaching

FEMA Michael Deadlines

DECATUR CO., GA (WALB) - The deadline to apply for assistance through FEMA is next Thursday at midnight.

If you live in Decatur County, you can come to 500 Wheat Avenue at the Decatur County Coliseum to apply in-person until Saturday evening.

FEMA officials said after this location closes, other sites may pop up.

You can also visit, download the free FEMA mobile app or call FEMA’s helpline at 1-800-621-3362 for other ways to apply before the deadline.

You may also see FEMA crews going door-to-door to offer their assistance.

Disaster Survivor Assistance Lead Philip McDonald said he’s noticing a recurring issue with people who have yet to apply.

“People are sometimes hesitant to register with FEMA when they have insurance. FEMA needs to wait for insurance to go first, but you should also register with FEMA at the same time," said McDonald.

McDonald said if FEMA processes your application before your insurance states how they can assist you, your application will be denied.

He said in this event, wait to hear back from your insurance company, then appeal your rejection with FEMA.

FEMA Media Relations Specialist Suzy Witten said once you apply, occasionally check on your application status to avoid future problems.

“We do want everyone to call in periodically just to get a status update on your application, see where you are in the process and also find out if anything is still needed," explained Witten.

Witten said your application could be denied simply because of a typo in your address.

If you are denied, she suggests you appeal and ask for clarification. She said 36,000 people in South Georgia have already applied.

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