‘No Chase Policy’ for motor vehicle thefts

APD no chase policy

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Police Department is reminding you about their ‘No Chase Policy’ after a woman reported seeing someone take off with her vehicle recently and the police had to be careful how they pursued the suspect.

Albany Police said if they chased cars down often, it could put many folks in harms way. Since the pursuit policy took effect in 1995, they’re still enforcing it heavily to keep everyone safe.

APD said vehicle thefts are inherently dangerous and pose a danger for citizens and officers.

Recently a woman reported to police she saw someone take her SUV, and drive off erratically.

Officers said they followed the car, but did not chase the vehicle due to the dangers involved.

APD officers said they’re not allowed to chase someone unless they’ve committed certain felonies at the time of the pursuit.

“There have been incidents all across the country and in Albany where people who are not involved in a chase, who were not part of the chase have been injured and at times have been killed,” said APD Captain Angel Bradford.

APD said they have to take in to account the location and the amount of people in that area when they are pursing a vehicle.

They said if you see your car is stolen, it’s best to report it immediately and if you choose to follow it, it’s best to keep a distance from the stolen car.

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