Mayors' Christmas Motorcade brings dozens of gifts to Valdosta development center

Valdosta Mayor Motorcade for Special Needs

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of patients at the Parkwood Developmental Center in Valdosta are benefiting from $800 worth of gifts brought by the Mayors' Christmas Motorcade.

On Wednesday, the mayor and the Valdosta city firefighters brought in dozens of gifts for individuals, ages 7 to 73, with developmental disabilities.

The center’s administrator said she’s proud to see the city supporting those patients and the hospital.

“The state is kind of getting away from places like Parkwood and the care that we give. It’s a lot of community group homes and stuff like that. Parkwood is something that is very, very much needed and to know that the mayor and his office supports us, is a great feeling," said Parkwood Administrator Susan Boone.

The Mayors' Christmas Motorcade is a part of an initiative to collect and deliver gifts to patients at behavioral hospitals.

The City of Valdosta has been visiting Parkwood Development Center for the past few years.

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