Flint River Dance Arts building looking to get back up and running

Mitchell Theatre Damage

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Hurricane Michael left a path of devastation which was felt throughout all of South Georgia.

That's certainly the case for Mitchell County.

“The hurricane blew a lot of the roof off," said Flint River Director Leslie Hodges. "I think they’ve repaired some, and then when the subsequent rain came a few days later, the water just poured into the auditorium.”

The destruction Hodges is speaking about was to a building that has been standing since 1912. Since 2012, the building has served as the home for the Flint River Dance Art Center.

But when devastation hit hard, it looked like the final curtain might have been called, but the community pulled together to help.

“It was very discouraging," said Hodges. "But to see people step up and offer us space. To allow us to continue was very heart warming and I’m very appreciative.”

Flint River has five seniors this year that weren't sure they'd be able to finish out their year.

When First Baptist church heard the news, it gave Flint River a call.

“Yeah, well it was amazing," said Hodges. "I said if it was up to this old lady, it probably would have wiped me out and done me in because I’ve been at it for so long.”

The opportunity to return the building back to its former glory is something everyone hopes to see because they all have history here.

Obviously this place means a lot to the community.

“They really did a lot of work on this auditorium," said Hodges. "It was a disaster in 2012 when we moved in, and they renovated the stage and did the flooring and put in all the seating and the curtains. And we have a wonderful board and a wonderful group of volunteers that have been with us every step of the way. And we are very appreciative.”

the center and the community are hoping it will be back up and running and have many more curtain calls in the future.

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