Flash flooding in Thomas Co. has taken its toll

Flash flooding in Thomas Co. has taken its toll
Where three teenagers were rescued from Ohcklocknee River

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Several South Georgia residents have fallen victim to the dangers of pouring rain and flash flooding.

City leaders said that regardless if it’s three inches or three feet of standing water, you need to stay out of it.

It doesn’t take much water to cause serious damage or put you in life-threatening situations.

This week, a woman unfortunately lost her life due to what officers believe was an accidental drowning.

A couple of days later, three people were rescued from a river.

Lisa Maxwell, the Thomasville-Thomas County dive team commander, said flooded waters are dangerous because it’s difficult to determine how strong the waters are and what may be in the water.

“There’s all other hazards under the water that you cannot see. Holes, ditches, other contaminants, wires, you don’t know what’s there and you can get trapped, fall and drown," said Maxwell.

Maxwell said the best thing you can do is stay inside during severe storms.

If you happen to see standing water, you should report it, because if you get trapped or stranded in flooded waters, your life and many others will be put at risk.

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