Flash flooding leaves many dirt roads unsafe in Thomas County

Thomasville Dirt Road Flooding

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Recent heavy rain in South Georgia has impacted 200 miles of dirt roads in Thomas County.

With the heavy rain the area has experienced, many dirt roads are still impassable.

The construction supervisor for Thomas County Public Works, Jay Knight, said their men are working 10-hour shifts to restore those roads.

Knight said they’re using rocks to fill in the holes and muddy sections of the roadway.

“We’re taking rocks out, we’ve had around 400 tons have gone out through the storm,” said Knight.

However, Knight said that some of the 200 miles of dirt roads are designed to flood so the waters don’t damage other structures.

“If you’ve got those low areas, it allows the emergency water to pass over the roads without washing out the actual structures,” Knight explained.

During these times, if you see roads that have been flooded, Knight warns you to not risk it by trying to drive through it.

“Don’t try to pass it. Don’t try to go through it. Don’t try to know that you know it’s okay. Because it could’ve washed out, and it could’ve taken that drainage structure with it,” said Knight,

Knight said that when these dirt roads turn to mud roads, it’s very easy to get stuck and become stranded.

So, if you know roads have standing water, let Public Works know.

“Give us a call, let us come check it out,” said Knight.

They’ll evaluate its condition and see if it’s safe to pass.

Knight said within the next few days all dirt roads should be safe to use.

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