Crews continue to pump water out of flooded South GA streets

People look for ways out of homes

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - People living in part of Lee County are still working to get out of their houses after seven inches of rain fell over the weekend, flooding the streets.

Now homes in Albany and Lee County are flooded as well, leaving people looking for places to stay.

Lee Co. Flood FOLO

A mother carried her newborn baby and toddler across flooded yards, all in an attempt to make it back to her home. A home that is now impossible to reach by car, as streets are completely engulfed in water. And she’s not alone.

“We’ve got neighbors that are parking up here on our property, just so at the end of the day, working all day, they can park here and then walk across all that water to get home,” said Kat Tucker, a Lee County resident.

Tucker’s home was barely missed by the standstill water flooding the yards of her neighbors right next door. She said her neighbors have been left with no other option but to park blocks away for some and tread through the water just to get home.

“That’s not quality of life there. And they’re doing it every day now,” said Tucker.

Tucker hasn’t been able to just stand by and watch her neighbors carry their children and their groceries through the flood.

“They were going to leave the car parked in front of our place here and walk across all this water. All three of them had both hands full of bags of groceries,” said Tucker.

Tucker and other neighbors have been trying to take people by car and even golf cart as far as they can before being stopped by the waters. Tucker said she just hopes the water recedes as soon as possible for the sake of everyone whose lives have been put on hold by the disastrous rains.

“I don’t know how they would just keep on doing it like that, you know what I mean? I think we would just have to go stay in a hotel or something,” Tucker said.

WALB spoke with members of Lee and Dougherty County and Albany Public Works, who said they are trying to pump the water in the right of ways as best as they can.

They said they can’t technically pump the water that’s on private property. They’re also facing another issue.

They can’t pump water out of some roads and right of ways if that water is then going to flood someone else’s home in a different area.

“We are trying our best to think of where to send this water to. Where these areas are, they’re already in the low sections as it is. And it doesn’t make things any better for them, I understand that. We are trying our best to think of any ways we can to alleviate the water for them as quick as we can,” said Lee County Co-Manager Mike Sistrunk.

The seven plus inches of rain caused the holding ponds in areas to flood. This then created the backlog of water onto the subdivisions, streets and homes.

County leaders urge you not to drive through any of the water, even if it isn’t very deep. This not only protects you as a driver, but it also prevents water from being pushed up even further into others yards and homes.

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