APD Gang Unit needs help in combating gang crimes

Combating gang violence in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Officials with the Albany Police Department’s Gang Unit said they need the community’s help to crack down on gang violence and gang activity.

Lieutenant Victor Camp, APD’s Gang Unit Commander, said for those residents who may be worried, it’s important not to stay afraid, but report the issues to police in order to solve the problem.

Recently a music video caught some attention and caused a stir.

According to police, the video showed several Albany teens using guns and gang signs as props.

It’s unclear if the guns are real, however Camp said the video itself is not the problem, but the guns used may be the reason folks are worried.

“I kind of like the song itself. I thought it was pretty nice and I think with the right people, the young man might have a career in rapping. But there’s some things on there that I understand are concerning and one is the young people with the gun,” said Camp.

WALB also spoke with some folks who say they believe the video showed the kids' artistry.

However, officials said they will continue to keep a close eye on the issue across the entire City.

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