Thomasville school board talks football players' use of IV therapy treatment

Football players using IV therapy

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Thomasville City Schools Board of Education met Tuesday morning to discuss the safety and validity of Thomasville High School football players using IV therapy before their games.

Moving forward, several board members suggested there should be a policy in place to ensure each student is receiving proper IV therapy treatment.

Board members said they were initially unaware that athletes are receiving saline IV therapy treatment prior to game time.

Several board members and Superintendent Dr. Laine Reichert suggested a policy should be in place to monitor this treatment.

“I feel that codifying it, or making it transparent perhaps is always good policy," Reichert said.

Reichert recommended the coaching staff continues seeking medical advice and assistance when administering the IV therapy.

Dr. Reichert explained why IV treatment is beneficial to the high school football athletes (Source: WALB)
Dr. Reichert explained why IV treatment is beneficial to the high school football athletes (Source: WALB)

Zach Grage, head football coach, said nine to 15 players receive this treatment before game time.

However, those players can change on a weekly basis, if needed.

“We also meet as a coaching staff on Wednesdays and we will identify kids that will be playing a lot," said Grage.

Those that have a lot of playing time, or need extra help because of the extreme heat will be evaluated to see if they qualify for this care.

School officials said this practice is a preventative measure that minimizes cramping and increases stamina during the games.

Reichert believes this is one of the better ways to keep the athletes healthy.

“We’ve had boys in full body cramps where they had to be hospitalized before. It’s horrible, and it’s painful, and it’s excruciating for them to go through. So the more preventative you can do the better," said Reichert.

Since coaches began this practice, they said all football related injuries have decreased by 50 percent, and concussions have decreased by 40 percent since last season.

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