Dawson city council discusses city manager’s arrest

The city appointed someone to take over Barney Parnacott’s duties

Dawson council discusses city manager arrest

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Just four days after Dawson City Manager Barney Parnacott was arrested for aggravated sodomy, the city council appointed a person to take over his duties while he is out.

After an executive session, council members appointed Sherry Howard to take over the city manager duties.

Howard just retired last week as the longtime city clerk.

She will be back at work Monday, filling in for Parnacott until he returns to work.

We spoke with concerned citizens who are worried about Dawson’s future.

“I got sick to my stomach. I was embarrassed again for the City of Dawson,” said Shelba Holmes, who attended Tuesday’s meeting.

“For somebody to do something like that, that’s just nasty and we don’t need that here,” said Sandra Bowens who was also in attendance.

Both Bowens and Holmes were vocal in the meeting about other topics, but they wanted to hear the council on Parancott’s arrest.

“I don’t think the people in Dawson need to be paying somebody to be on a job who is fighting a case of such a nature,” explained Holmes.

They understand that the council can’t fire the city manager unless he is convicted, but they want some action to be taken.

“Still he’s sitting in jail for these crimes and hasn’t even been given a bond hearing, that’s enough for the city to relieve him from his job duties,” said Bowens.

They also said that Dawson is in need of proper leadership.

“We just lost a major employer here, Tyson Chicken, and that’s mainly to do with the fact that we appear to be on the decline rather than on the up tick,” said Holmes.

“We are still recovering from Hurricane Michael and even some other stuff that’s going on in the city and we need somebody that’s going to represent us and represent us in a good light” shared Bowens.

They both said that it’s time for the city to get a fresh start.

“We seem to be able to attract the worst kind of news and it’s about time we got our city government cleaned up and start a new era of city government that makes us proud,” said Holmes.

Barney Parnacott remains in the Terrell County Jail. Court officials said they think he will go before a Superior Court Judge in mid December for a bond hearing.

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