What to expect if Thomasville’s 2019 proposed budget gets passed

Thomasville 2019 budget commission meeting

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville City Council members are evaluating the 2019 budget proposal.

If the current proposed budget passes, Thomasville residents should anticipate minor rate increases in their monthly utility bills.

Of the $122,210,475 million proposed budget, a significant amount of the funding will be allocated towards the utilities department.

If approved, monthly utility rates will increase by nearly $4.

Broken down, that means water bills will increase by $2 and solid waste will increase by $1.

Assistant Utilities Superintendent Chris White said these occasional increases allow the department to stay ahead of repairs.

“Well, we want to be proactive and keep up with that trend instead of waiting until the end of the 10, 15-year term when we have a lot of infrastructure to replace all at one time, which is really not good for our consumers,” said White.

White said the spike in rates allows them to maintain infrastructure, replace old pipes and other projects.

“We have slated around eight miles of resurfacing. So, we want to coincide our utilities improvements with that effort," said White.

Chief Financial Officer Ashley Cason said the funds gathered from the increase will trickle down and aid other agencies.

“It’s necessary to have those funds available to not only help the sewer and the capital improvements, but also cover police and public works," said Cason.

The police department is asking for additional funding to hire four new school resource officers.

On Dec. 10, city council members will decide if they’ll approve this budget.

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