Lowndes Co. road collapses from flooding

Lowdnes Country road collapses from flooding

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Residents in Lowndes County are recovering after the severe storms that hit the area this past weekend caused major flooding in the area.

Reportedly, some parts of Lowndes County received more than 10 inches of rain.

“We got almost 10 inches of rain in parts of Lowndes County in a 48 hours period. In fact, we had one area that received over an inch in just 30 minutes. With that, even with all of the infrastructure operating properly, that’s just a lot of water for a system to overtake at one time. So, we’ve got the road repairs to show it," said County Spokesperson Paige Dukes.

On Carter Way, off Old Quitman Road, there were two major collapses in the road causing many residents to be stuck in their neighborhoods with no way in or out.

County road collapses from flooding

The flood waters were so strong that it washed a large section of the road away.

According to neighborhood residents, there are about 10 houses with residents stuck on the other side of the road who are unable to get out.

County officials said that they have offered the residents assistance in evacuating.

Officials also said that outside of that, there is not much that they can do because the road is private property, making the road beyond county jurisdiction.

According to the county, there are about 15 roads in total closed, but they are doing all they can to assist residents.

They also want residents to know that they are forced to wait until some roads dry out and are asking for everyone’s patience.

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