Lowndes Co. deputies seize more than $120K worth of marijuana

Deputies seize 51 pounds of marijuana

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department seized more than 50 pounds of marijuana during a routine traffic stop.

Two men are facing charges of drug trafficking for transporting over $120,000 worth of marijuana.

Sheriff deputies stopped Vance Dourth, 29, of Port Orange, Florida in one car, in another car, they stopped Taylor Molnar, 25, of Ormond Beach, Florida after observing Molnar driving erratically.

After pulling them over, deputies noticed drug paraphernalia and called for backup.

After searching the cars, law enforcement found two separate duffle bags with about 51 pounds of marijuana in them.

Dourth and Molnar were both arrested.

“I say [this] could very well be a federal trial before this is over with because DEA is involved. We have some very close ties and very good people that work with DEA with us. If they can tie it further back, it’ll probably wind up being a federal case," said Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk.

Dourth is also facing a charge for drug possession and following too closely.

Molnar is facing a weaving traffic violation.

Deputies said the two were driving down I-75 south. They were less than 10 miles from the Florida state line.

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