Mariner’s Finance donates thousands to help those in need

Second Harvest Donation

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One South Georgia non-profit is planning to feed over 35,000 people with a recent donation received from a community donor.

“I believe it’s a bigger check than normal. Normally, it’s about $1,500. Today, we’re donating $4,000 because there’s a bit more need in this area now," said Lee Bowers, a Mariner Finance Company employee.

Mariner Finance of Valdosta is no stranger to giving money back to the community and this year, it more than doubled its regular donations to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

“It’s really important to us. We operate locally, in the local communities of course with everyone else. We hear the stories all day, every day from our customers that are in the communities. It’s important that we give back to help those folks," said Bowers.

With the help of their employees’ donations, the company raised the money through its non-profit organization Jeffie’s Choice.

“Mostly, it’s funded by donations from the employees of our company, Mariner Finance through jeans days and then we donate locally, to local food banks to help fight hunger," said Bowers.

Second Harvest officials said that the money will go to helping feed the people of South Georgia.

“This incredibly generous contribution from Mariner Finance through Jeffie’s Choice is going to help us put out the equivalent of more than 35,000 meals to folks in need in South Georgia," said Eliza McCall, the Valdosta Second Harvest spokesperson.

Second Harvest officials said that since Hurricane Michael, the demand is endless.

“Anybody who’s food insecure, whether that is retirees, people with illnesses, working families, senior citizens, anybody that we help will benefit," said McCall.

Second Harvest said that it has exhausted its funds to respond to the crisis of Hurricane Michael.

“It’s definitely a time when we see increased donations, but the need is so substantial in South Georgia that there’s never a bad time to give," said McCall.

Officials said this is a peak time for giving, but they always need more. The fight against food insecurity still has a long way to go.

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