Lowndes Co. endorses safety first ahead of First Alert Weather Day

Valdosta Weather Preps

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Lowndes County officials want to remind everyone that decisions to hold off on holiday events for Saturday have been made for everyone’s safety.

Because of potentially severe weather, many of the public holiday festivities have been rescheduled, or in the case of the Valdosta Christmas Parade, canceled altogether.

Lowndes County Spokesperson Paige Dukes said that it is all for the benefit of South Georgia residents.

“Keeping in mind that many of the floats have generators and electricity and that we have many of our youth in the parade, it’s just not a safe time to be out," explained Dukes. "Electricity and water just don’t mix and again we don’t want people being subject to slipping and falling on the streets.”

Officials want to remind everyone to there will likely be periods when it is not ideal for driving on Saturday, so they want you to remain cautious, vigilant and put safety first.

Dukes wants to remind everyone that there will be lots of other opportunities for people to get together and enjoy the holiday season.

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