EMA director wants you to be prepared for potentially severe weather

Early Co. EMA Severe WX Prep

EARLY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - As potentially severe weather heads towards Southwest Georgia, some county emergency leaders are urging you to take the threat seriously.

One big message is for those who still have tarps on their roofs to make sure those tarps are tightened, so no rain will get into the house which could cause more damage.

Early County EMA Director Anthony Gentry also wants to remind those in his county to secure any remaining storm debris so it won't get blown into roads.

“You should always take any weather coming into your area severe or not seriously, because it could all change quickly. Just be aware of your situation at all times,” said Gentry.

Gentry wants all counties to know that taking this storm seriously is important, especially after Hurricane Michael. He also said you should try to avoid the roads once the rain gets heavy in case of flooding or other dangers.

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