Two donkeys found dead in GA ditch, deputies search for answers

Thomasville Dead Donkey Investigation

OCHLOCKNEE, GA (WALB) - The investigation continues into who dumped two dead donkeys in a Thomas County ditch. Unfortunately, investigators do not have any leads at this time.

However, one woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated a reward in hopes it will encourage someone to come forward with answers.

One officer said she was driving back to work after lunch when she saw a large animal in a ditch.

"I could see something out of the corner of my eye in a ditch, and I thought maybe it was a deer,” said Thomas County Code Enforcement Officer Pat Smith.

Just down Dixie Chastain Road by a bridge in Ochlocknee, Smith found two dead and malnourished donkeys disposed like trash.

Thomas County deputies and animal control were on the scene moments after Smith called. She said she doesn’t understand why someone would neglect their animals.

"For people to just dump them off on the side of the road, it’s unacceptable and it’s senseless,” said Smith.

To help find those responsible, Smith is asking the community for help.

"We’re asking the community to please open up their hearts for these animals that may have suffered, you know, be their voice,” said Smith.

Smith urges you, if you have animals that you can no longer care for, to bring them to an animal shelter.

“The animals don’t have to suffer,” said Smith.

At this time, officers said they don’t have any leads or the cause of the donkeys' deaths, but they’ll continue to investigate the incident.

If you know anything regarding this incident, you’re asked to contact the Thomas County Code Enforcement Office, located in Thomasville at (229) 225-4120.

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