SGMC prepares for bad news

SGMC Accreditation

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Hospital officials in Valdosta are currently waiting on the results of a visit that could determine the fate of the South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC).

Earlier this week, we reported that an accreditation group was visiting and conducting a survey.

Reportedly, members of the SGMC hospital authority are preparing themselves for the possibility of bad news from the recent accreditation visit.

On Wednesday, the hospital called an emergency meeting to discuss errors found by the group and the possible results from the visit.

According to the hospital authority chairmen, the hospital has not received the official results from the group yet.

“Well, we’ve talked with them before they left today for the debriefing and they did find a couple of errors they had concerns about that we’re currently working on," said Hospital Authority Chairman Sam Allen.

The authority shared that they do not know the details of the report but that the members of the authority are on edge because of the unknown.

Allen was not clear on exactly what issues the accreditation group saw.

“We wanted to make sure that whatever they address then whatever they thought they saw, if we had a chance to correct it, that we correct it, as soon as possible instead of dragging our feet and waiting to do it later," said Allen.

Officials said they should have the results in the next five to 10 days.

Should SGMC lose its accreditation, Allen said that they would certainly appeal the decision. He also said that the authority and the staff are working hard for the hospital’s benefit.

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