APD sees increase in burglaries as holiday shopping season ramps up

Albany Burglaries

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nearly 15 burglaries have been reported to police in Albany within the last four days, and officers said the increase is due to the time of year it is.

From residential properties to businesses, nearly 15 locations have been targeted by burglars in the last four days.

“They’ve been scattered all over town. There’s no particular pattern or connection between any of them,” said Sergeant Jon Segroves, with Albany Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit and Investigations.

Segroves said they’ve been crimes of opportunity. And at this time, nothing is linking them together.

“They’re taking electronics, they’re taking clothing. They’re taking firearms, money, valuables like that,” explained Segroves.

In 2017, there were 589 burglaries and this year there’s been 482. Although the number has gone down, one resident who lives close to one business that was targeted said that 15 in four days is scary.

“Because it might happen in my neighborhood. It could happen where I live,” said La’Monica Holsley, a resident.

Officials with the Albany Police Department provided WALB with all of the targeted addresses, from those, four of them were businesses and 11 were homes.

“Sometimes when people make new purchases, they leave boxes out by the trash can showing they got a new 65 inch TV,” said Segroves.

Segroves said while people are out shopping for the holidays, you must remember a few things.

“That you dispose of the boxes where they can’t be seen. Take them to a local trash bin somewhere else at a larger dumpster that you can put them in and don’t make your house a target,” said Segroves.

When you’re going from store to store, he said you should hide your items so you’re not the next victim.

As for the increase in burglaries, residents said they just want something done.

“There should be something done about it because if not, it’s going to continue to go on,” said Holsley.

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