APD warns of car safety during colder weather

APD warns of car safety during colder weather

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With these chilly morning temperatures, a lot of you warm up your car, but time and time again thieves take advantage.

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said it doesn’t matter how long you plan to be away from your vehicle, leaving it unattended for any amount of time invites someone to steal it or items inside your car.

Especially this time of year, when crime can traditionally escalate since it is around the holidays, there are more people who are watching and waiting for you to make one false move.

Set your alarm earlier for work or school to give you five extra minutes to start up your car. But make sure you are inside your vehicle with the doors locked.

This prevents thieves from targeting you.

“Please be considerate and know that if you’re not in your vehicle or you don’t have your vehicle secured, or someone is watching your vehicle then you don’t want to give your vehicle away to anybody," explained Persley.

Persley said children can be more easily kidnapped if you leave them in the car while you run an errand if they are left behind.

So please think twice before putting you or someone you love in a potentially dangerous situation.

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