2nd annual Grapple on the Gridiron held in Valdosta

Bazemore-Hyder stadium being used for more then just football

2nd annual grapple on the gridiron

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The city of Valdosta is as busy as can be this week.

With Valdosta and Lowndes competing for state titles and VSU getting set for their playoff run, it’s just a good time for football.

But now, it look as if South Georgia wrestling, might give them a run.

The 2nd annual Grapple on the gridiron took place all day today at Bazemore-Hyder stadium.

Showcasing 12 Georgia high schools wrestling teams.

South Georgia was representing well with 7 high schools.

John Robbins is the Valdosta high head wrestling coach and saID the idea came from the Big ten conference about 10 years ago, where they held wrestling tournaments on the football fields.

Robbins knows that Valdosta is a huge football town, but wants to show how good South Georgia wresting is.

“You know, wrestling a lot of times," said Robbins, "doesn’t get the fan fair that a lot of other sports do. As wrestling coaches, a lot of times, we try to get outside the box and try to get more people to check out our sport.”

Regions will be the first week of January, held in Houston County, then followed by state in Macon the following week.

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