Devi’s Convenience Store victim laid to rest at emotional funeral

Devi's convenience shooting and funeral


It’s been eight days since Meesha Patel was shot outside Devi’s Convenience Store in Albany, and on Sunday hundreds of people paid their respects as she was laid to rest.

It was an emotional day for everyone in attendance. Although many tears fell, mourners said it’s Meesha’s smile, they’ll always remember.

A sea of emotions filled a room of people wearing black and white, as they paid their last respects to the late Meesha Patel.

A 33-year old woman who's life was cut too short.

“This really a sad day for our City. I mean somebody mom, auntie, grandma has gone on behind something silly where you taking a person life for nothing,” said Mel Johnson, resident.

From continuous tears running down multiple faces, to hugs spreading throughout the space, many residents in Albany are still re-living how Patel's life ended after she was shot at Devi's Convenience store.

“I was shocked that it was that store and that it was her. You just think about it constantly,” said Linda Rawles, resident.

“I was speechless, and I was confused, I couldn’t believe that because just a few hours ago, I was there, I was talking to her,” said Mustafa Omar, resident.

Mustafa Omar and Linda Rawles both visited Devi’s Convenience Store often. Both said to see Patel laid to rest instead of behind the counter bringing life to every customer, was heartbreaking.

Many people were in attendance at Meesha Patel's funeral. (Source: WALB)
Many people were in attendance at Meesha Patel's funeral. (Source: WALB)

“It hurts my heart. Somebody so pretty died so young like that,” said Rawles.

Although her killer is still out on the loose, many said there is one thing they will always remember about the woman they always seen inside that store.

“She used to smile. She was just a wonderful person,” said Rawles.

“She had the biggest smile all the time on her face and calm. I never saw her mad,” said Omar.

Folks will now remember her simple smile, as her soul rest in peace.

“Loving, caring, sharing, always smiling and she’s smiling in heaven right now,” said Williams.

Right now, officials with the Albany Police Department said they still need the community’s help in finding the shooter.

If you know anything about this homicide, you’re still encouraged to call CrimeStoppers immediately.

That number is, (229) 436-TIPS.

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