Chehaw gets new cheetahs

Chehaw New Cheetahs

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Three new cheetahs joined the Chehaw family this week.

They are named after the three dragons from the hit television show, ‘Game of Thrones’.

The three male cheetahs came from the Smithsonian Zoo and are all 2-years-old.

We spoke with the primary keeper about this addition.

“We’re hoping for a high turnout. Cheetahs have always been the more popular animals here. With it being new and exciting and it’s been closed for a while because of the hurricane so with it being open and have these new cheetahs we’re hoping it brings in quite a few people from the public,” said Tyler Royal, a Primary Keeper at the park.

Tyler Royal. (Source: WALB)
Tyler Royal. (Source: WALB)

She says the 3 males are interacting well with the 9-year-old cheetah Ellie, who has lived at Chehaw for a while.

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