Synergy Solutions Crisp County recognized for sustainability

Synergy Solutions Crisp County wins E3 award

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - Synergy Solutions Crisp County celebrated after winning the E3 award from the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. The annual award recognizes companies leading the effort in sustainability.

The waste management complex went up against several multi billion dollar companies in 32 Georgia counties and won the award for clean tech innovation.

The company is one of three complexes in the U.S. that recycles sugar based products that can no longer be sold.

Ron Dortch, the vice president of business and business relations, said the company recycles the product by turning it into ethanol.

“Soft drinks, syrup, grape juice, anything like that that has some sugar that would end up in a landfill,” Dortch said. “We’re able to take that and refine the sugars to alcohol, distill the alcohol and that goes into your gas tank.”

Leaders said the company runs efficiently thanks to new technology like its BurCell unit.

The unit can decompose paper products and other materials within minutes.

This was the first time the company has won the award.

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