Speaker David Ralston: ‘It’s time for the rhetoric to be ratcheted down and for Georgia to move forward’

Georgia’s governor’s race continues with no winner declared

Ralston Election Opinion

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The race for the governor of Georgia continues with no official winner declared, yet.

The November 6 election may have been over a week ago now, but the state still does not have a new governor.

And State House Speaker David Ralston said he thinks it’s time for Georgians to just move on.

There have been several issues with the Abrams campaign claiming every vote wasn't counted, specifically absentee and provisional votes.

And a protest at the State Capitol this week with dozens chanting for every vote to be counted where one state senator was even arrested.

Ralston said he thinks there is a clear winner in this election.

“It’s not the same situation as in Florida or even Arizona. This is not that close. So it’s time to, frankly, it’s time for the rhetoric to be ratcheted down and for Georgia to move forward. And you know, I’ve lost elections and it’s tough to accept, but sometimes we have to,” said Ralston.

All absentee ballots thrown out because of issues with birth date information will have to be counted based on a federal judge’s ruling. Those will have to be counted by Friday at 5 p.m.

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