Robert Skinner and Rams set sights on 2018-2019 season

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Certainly, a high intensity practice at ASU East campus, as the Lady Rams are putting in just a regular game like practice, the same they do every day.

“Come on run hard, run hard, cut hard,” said head coach Robert Skinner.

The Rams are still in the beginning phases of the season, the Rams are hoping things will click this season, and carry them to their first conference title since 2015.

“This year we are working on discipline and working as a unit," said senior Ashley Johnson. "That’ll be how we get far this year and I’m excited to see what we do.”

Head coach Robert Skinner has been coaching women’s basketball for 38 seasons...“Games won and lost right here. Games won and lost right here in practice.” and knows what it takes to win.

For the Rams, it’s their upper class men leadership, knowing they have some big shoes to fill.

“I’ve been very impressed with the leadership of the team and the fact that I have some young ladies," said Skinner. "Some juniors and seniors on the team stepping up and being leaders on this team.”

A big part to that upperclassmen class is Alexandria James. The junior who hit 41 points in their game against West Georgia. Showing that the Rams are heading in the right direction.

“As a team and as a whole it shows that we really have a lot of scorers," said James. "Not just me, but my team as well, some great scorers.”

Knowing that this was a team accomplishment and not so much an individual one, coach Skinner is excited for many of these players futures.

“I feel like she’s been working extremely hard and she’s accomplished some of her goals here even early in the season,” said Skinner.

Now the Rams are just ready to lace up and take the court... as they search for the conference title.

“If we can play against top teams like that, then we are able to beat anybody else that we play. So I feel like we going to have a great season,” said Sophomore Yolanda Givens.

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