Drug overdose deaths possibly rise to 10 in Dougherty Co.

Heroin Overdoses in South Georgia

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Coroner Michael Fowler said Dougherty County may have it’s 10th drug overdose of the year.

That’s pending a toxicology report on a woman who died of a possible overdose.

“It’s just a terrible epidemic in this city. This city is a hub, it’s terrible. This city is a cesspool for drugs,” said one man who didn’t want to reveal his identity.

A video from Facebook shows the scene at a Dougherty County gas station just before 7:30 Tuesday night.

It happened at the Fast Lane on Sylvester Highway.

Police said a woman may have overdosed on unknown drugs.

Fowler confirmed the death of Keicia Robinson, 31, that could mark the county’s 10th drug overdose this year.

“From the investigation so far we think it’s leaning that way but we don’t want to rule it out until the results come back from the toxicology,” said Fowler.

“There is a known drug house in that area across the street from that store. It’s right here in front of our faces and people are overlooking it,” said one man.

The man said he believes local leaders need to do a better job of cleaning up drugs in the area.

He's lost a friend to drugs, and almost lost his son.

“I never had the chance to reach out for either one of them because I was caught up in my own addiction,” he said.

Dougherty County Police said an arrest was made during this possible overdose.

They said passengers in the vehicle where charged with drug possession.

The man said hearing this reminded him of his own situation.

“This is somebody that I don’t even know but it was devastating and made me sick to my stomach. That could have been my child, ” the man said.

The coroner said people can drop off unwanted medication to his office, as well as at the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office.

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