Albany convenience stores offer reward for tips on woman’s death

Convenience stores make reward for tips on woman’s death

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Just days after Albany Police said a woman was killed leaving Devi’s convenience store, other convenience stores in the area are taking action to catch her killer.

The owners of Woodall’s and Homerun Foods said they are tired of what they call senseless killings that are bringing the community down.

Both stores are offering $1,000 each, to hopefully lead to the identity of the shooter.

“We’ve got to get this guy off the streets. Right now we know there is somebody out there who has done this before, and we want him off the streets,” said Walker Lanier, the Vice President of Retail Operations of Brad Lanier Oil Co.

The owners of two local convenience stores are offering a reward for the arrest of this person who Albany Police say killed a woman Saturday night.

“We hope more people will step up and contribute to catching these people because if not, not only do the businesses suffer but the neighborhoods suffer, and people suffer in general,” said Wright Woodall, the Co-Owner of Woodall’s.

Both Lanier and Woodall said this shooting has made them concerned about the safety of their businesses.

“Right there, there are two local business in Albany that have over 200 employees who you know are impacted by this and probably scarred to go to work thinking that they are targeted,” said Lanier.

Woodall said starting Thursday night, they’ll have police at their locations during closing to ensure safety.

“It’s unfortunate that it takes some thing like this for you to have to do that but it reminds you just how dangerous things can be in the times we live in,” explained Woodall.

Lanier said one of his stores was robbed months ago.

“Luckily nothing like this has ever happened at my stores but it definitely makes me fearful,” said Lanier.

Which is why he said this is bigger than just their stores.

“If not for the community, for the Patel family,” Lanier explained.

“Its just something that was the right thing to do. They are competitors but we are also people, and also part of this city and we don’t want to see this happen to anybody” said Woodall.

If you have any information about this shooting, you’re asked to call CrimeSTOPPERS at (229)-436-TIPS.

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