Hurricane won’t stop Lee Co. Medical Center progress

Hurricane won’t stop Lee Co Medical Center progress

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County commissioners say they have no concerns when it comes to the progress of the Lee County Medical Center after Hurricane Michael.

The hurricane did slow down some of the current projects at the sight.

Crews were working on the tail end of the storm water diversion project.

County Commissioner Rick Muggridge said the excessive rain we’ve had after the storms hasn’t helped either.

Even with the current conditions, he said skating out the road was delayed but it will pick back up soon.

“We’ve got time because of the legal interactions and the contractual things that have to take place before we can begin building the hospital on Earnest. We’ve got plenty of time to do the road, that was more about us trying to get the road done,” said Muggridge.

Their lawyers and management are actively working on final documents and contracts for the medical center.

He said they are still on track to have a ground breaking early next year, and to open the hospital in 2020.

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