DSNAP on long lines: ‘Stay in your county of residence’

DSNAP on long lines: “Stay in your county of residence”

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - D-SNAP officials said the lines to receive benefits will continue to be long if folks don’t apply in their county of residence.

WALB spoke with those D-SNAP officials who said they do apologize for those folks who had to stand out in the rain but they say they are also dealing with some challenges as well.

The folks in line say they just want to receive their benefits.

“I’ve been here all day. I’m wet, all my clothes are wet from standing in the rain and they don’t even care,” said Jennifer Kennedy, a storm victim seeking benefits.

Folks in Dawson waited in line for hours today trying to receive their disaster SNAP benefits.

They said they are fed up with what they have to endure to get them.

“In order for me to receive those benefits, you’re going to make me stand out in the cold and some people have taken off from their jobs and standing here the entire day. Is this how you provide relief?,” said Sonya Peterson, another storm victim.

“I literally just stood here for an entire shift, and I have to go stand on my feet for ten more hours until 7 o’clock in the morning, it’s frustrating,” explained Kennedy.

After speaking with the D-SNAP reps, they said they will do what they can.

“We’ll see what other accommodations we can get for them to make sure that we don’t have them standing out in the elements,” said Jon Anderson, the Chief Deputy Divisions Director.

They are asking for folks to do their part as well.

Some of their challenges include not being able to bring in more people to work, due to the lack of hotels, as well as human error.

“We could easily have handled that population inside those counties. What we didn’t account for is the folks that are coming from the larger counties to the smaller counties,” said Anderson.

As for the folks in line, they just want what they feel they deserve.

“I think they way they’ve done things is wrong. They need to have a better system. They need to care about people,” said Kennedy.

“It’s like o.k. you’re going to get wet, you’re going to get sick or whatever you’re dealing with but we’ll help you, but you’ve got to go through this before you can go through that so how many more things do we have to go through in order to receive help,” said Peterson.

WALB asked if they have considered extending Wednesday’s deadline, but they said they are on a strict timeline.

Lee and Thomas County will remain open until Thursday, but officials ask if you are not a resident in those counties, please do not show up to those locations.

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