Residents concerned heavy rain may wash debris into their yards

Flooding and Debris

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With the recent rainy weather, many residents are concerned their storm debris piles may wash into ditches or other parts of their yards.

But county officials said they aren’t worried about this yet.

Dougherty County Public Works said the rain we’ve had so far hasn’t been a reason for concern when it comes to the debris already piled in your yard.

Assistant Director Chucky Mathis said the main concerns for them would be the loose limbs and debris that would wash into ditches or storm drains.

He said as long as we don’t see too much more heavy rain, the piles of debris should be fine.

“We have a lot of open ditches and not much curb and gutter, some neighborhoods do, but we haven’t had that kind of torrential downpour that would wash a lot of debris down into those areas that have gutters or the open ditches, so we’re fortunate for that,” said Mathis.

Mathis said if debris washes away or fills ditches, then they will just have to prepare to go out and pick it up again.

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