More voters show up for midterm election in Dougherty County

More voters show up for midterm election in Dougherty County

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia residents are still waiting to see who will be the next governor.

On Thursday, Dougherty County Elections Supervisor Ginger Nickerson talked about the increase in voter turnout this election cycle for Dougherty County.

She said that there was an increase of registered voters this midterm election compared to the past midterm election, which was back in 2014.

Ginger also said that voter turnout was up by 4.73 percent.

Ginger wants the community to know the importance of getting out to vote.

“If you’re not voting, then you can’t talk, you can’t complain, you can’t say this is not happening, that is not happening because you have not gone to the ballots, to the box and voted for your individual to support you. That individual that you can call and say this is not right, what can we do about this. I think it’s very important that we get out and exercise those rights that have been given to us," said Nickerson.

Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams has 69 percent of the votes in Dougherty County, while Republican candidate Brian Kemp has 29 percent, according to the unofficial numbers.

Libertarian candidate Ted Metz garnered less than one percent of the votes in Dougherty.

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