Lee Co. officials warn of possible dangerous conditions on creeks

Lee Co. Damage Hazards

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Lee County officials have an important warning for anyone wanting to get on the Kinchafoonee or Muckalee creeks anytime soon.

Code Enforcement Director Jim Wright says they’ve gotten calls about trees in the water on the Kinchafoonee Creek after Hurricane Michael.

He said some places on the creek are hard to get around, but there are other spots that are completely blocked.

“For now, I would encourage people to avoid this section of the creek. Give us time to clean it up ... we will. And there’s other sections that you can still travel. Sandy Beach down to Sutton’s Landing is clear, it’s got a few downed trees, but you can make it in a kayak or canoe, a larger boat probably not some much so good," said Wright.

Wright said conditions on the creek will only get worse as the water rises due to the recent rainfall.

Efforts to clean up the creeks are happening soon.

Volunteers will be out on the Muckalee and Kinchafoonee creeks to clean up trash along the banks on November 17th.

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