Incumbent not re-elected as Dawson mayor

Incumbent not re-elected as Dawson mayor

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson voters decided Tuesday they wanted change in their community.

A new leader will take the mayor’s seat in 2019.

Ida McIntyre beat incumbent Robert Albritten for the top spot.

McIntyre is a life long resident of Terrell County and the former bus driver is ready to make a change in Dawson.

Originally from Bronwood, McIntyre moved to Dawson at a young age.

When she first considered a run for public office, she didn't even think of running for mayor.

But she saw a need for change and she believed she would be the perfect fit for the job.

She said she wants to make the city more attractive.

“Just little things that we could improve to make our city look better and more appealing that the people would want to move here and more jobs to come here," said McIntyre.

She said she would like for more industry to move to the city.

“Let some industry come in here. That the people would be able to work. That they wouldn’t have to go so far to find a decent paying job,” said McIntyre.

McIntyre wants to work toward getting pay raises for city workers.

She also wants the city streets resurfaced.

McIntyre won with 59 percent of the vote and said it is incredible that she was able to beat the incumbent for the position.

“It was amazing to me, but the people really rallied and got behind me and supported me and I thank them for that," said McIntyre.

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