ASU students concerned their votes have yet to be counted

Students concerned their votes have yet to be counted

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - More than 100 Albany State University students are concerned their provisional ballots will not be counted or matter in Tuesday’s election results.

But there may be a solution to correct the issue.

WALB spoke with two Albany State University students to Thursday who said they saw several students turned away from their voting precinct on campus.

The cause: issues with their voter registration.

Now, those students are being urged to contact the election office as soon as possible to make sure their votes are counted before it’s too late.

“We were trying so hard after our numerous voter drives and voter registration drives, our students were still being turned away,” said Samantha Jones, a junior at ASU.

Jones, a junior Political Science major at ASU, said many students who came to vote at Lovett Hall on campus were turned away after issues with their voter registration.

“We even threw a vote fest on our campus to show our students this is so important and something we should be celebrating because this is your right, and something no one should take away,” said Jones.

Attorney Maurice King said the 107 students have until 5 p.m. on November 9 to check the status of their provisional or challenged votes.

“You need to contact the elections office and make sure that your ballot is going to be counted,” said King.

But a group of students haven’t given up hope yet, dedicated to making sure your vote does count.

“We have people dedicated to work with you and to ensure your voted is being cast, whether it’s a provisional ballot or you went inside and voted,” said Jasmine Browner, a junior at ASU.

Jones said they aren’t stopping here.

“We want to see, and want to understand that our students' voices should be heard. ASU has a deep history with our students fighting for our rights to vote, so we’re standing on the shoulders of giants,” said Jones.

If you want to get involved or find student help when it comes to checking your provisional ballot, you can contact the Albany State University NAACP student chapter.

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