Debris pick up in Dougherty Co. postponed until further notice

Debris pick up in Dougherty Co. postponed until further notice

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - All storm debris collection in Dougherty County has been stopped, and county officials aren’t sure yet when it will resume.

Residents have been cleaning their yards tirelessly, pushing debris to the roadside to be picked up.

“They’re sitting, sitting all ready to go. I have all the trucks. They’ve been re-certified. Everything’s ready to go,” said Public Works Director Larry Cook.

Dougherty County Public Works had an emergency 30 day contract with Ceres Environmental and Tetra Tech to pick up storm debris after Hurricane Michael. But the county received an offer from another organization to take over that work and the cost of it.

“The Army Corps of Engineers is actually taking over that contract,” said Cook.

But the Corps had to stop all debris pick up completely.

“They started and had an award of a contract and of course that contract was contested, so they’re going through an appeal process,” Cook said.

County officials said the Corps is also using Ceres Environmental and Tetra Tech to do the clean-up work. But a competitor of the companies is now questioning the way they obtained that contract.

“A decision will be made based on that appeal and after that date, they will set their own start date. But they’ll be back in these areas picking up debris," said Cook.

But county officials said they don’t want you to stop moving your debris to your curbs. This way, when the Corps does resume pick up, your debris will be out and ready to go.

“If they can go ahead and get their stuff out, it helps. It’s just a little more efficient to have that debris where we can get it one time, or maybe two times,” said Cook.

Public works officials said they will still be working closely with the Corps of Engineers to make sure all county debris is picked up, especially in the unincorporated areas where there is still a large amount to be collected.

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