FEMA’s on the ground and ready to help after Michael

FEMA’s on the ground and ready to help after Michael
FEMA in Southwest Georgia part 2

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Officials want you to know that anyone still in need of basic supplies after Hurricane Michael can get help at the Disaster Resource Center.

This facility is set up at 300 Cason Street.

That’s the Dougherty County Schools' Technology Office.

Residents met with FEMA representatives all day on Monday. But even if you don’t qualify for FEMA, there are many other agencies that can help you get your life back to normal after Hurricane Michael.

“This is not my first rodeo. This is my wildest one though,” said Willie B Coe, a resident.

Coe is still without power after Hurricane Michael devastated the area. But, he said he’s not out of hope yet.

“I’m just waiting to get my lights back on and get my life back together, other than that, I’m OK,” said Coe.

Coe is one of the many residents who visited the Disaster Recovery Center on Cason Street, but he said he’s there to help others right now.

“That helps to help someone else. You know I’m helping someone, I’m not really worried about myself all the time,” explained Coe.

But FEMA representatives on the ground in Dougherty County said you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

“This is your tax dollars hard at work. We encourage anyone to come, even if they don’t think they’re going to qualify for any assistance,” said Jim Myers, the DRC manager.

Coe said this period of recovery is a time for the community of Albany to come together and stand strong in the wake of Michael.

“Make sure you see about one another because everyone is going through the same thing and no one is better than anybody else,” said Coe.

FEMA plans to be here as long as it is needed.

Samaritan’s Purse is also here on the ground in Dougherty County working to remove trees and limbs from homeowners' yards after Hurricane Michael.

The organization is made up of volunteers.

They’re not only working to remove the already fallen limbs and trees, but they’re also cutting down the trees that have yet to fall.

FEMA’s on the ground and ready to help after Michael

If you need help, you can go to 925 Pine Avenue in Albany. But there is a long waiting list.

So the Samaritan’s Purse is also looking for volunteers who can help with the chainsaw work and debris removal.

“We have a lot of work requests, we have over 1,600 work requests right now. And only about 100 volunteers going out each day. So we still have the work orders, we are still planning to do it. Volunteers are coming in from all over the country, so we’re just asking for people to be patient in that process,” said Shannon Daley with the Samaritan’s Purse.

You can also reach the organization by phone at (229) 773-4423.

But, when you are out cleaning debris, officials are warning everyone to watch out for yellow jackets while picking up storm debris from Hurricane Michael.

The City of Albany said crews have contained an eight by eight foot wide and five foot deep yellow jackets’s nest.

It’s on the 700 Block of East Town Road.

Dale Richter with the Buzz Fuzz spent Monday morning working to contain the nest.

Several people in the area said they had been stung by the yellow jackets before the nest was found in a fallen oak tree.

Richter said these insects are aggressive.

He said you should be cautious and aware of your surrounding while out picking up debris.

“With all the debris, the yellow jackets are displaced just like we are, so they’re looking for a home, as well. But just be aware of what you’re moving, what you’re handling,” said Richter.

The area surrounding the nest has been blocked off for now.

Richter will be back out to check on it before the area is officially cleared.

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