900 residents still without power in Worth County

Worth Co. Power Outage Update/Worth Co. Power Outage Impact

WORTH CO., (WALB) - The number of power outages in Worth County has dropped down to just over 900 homes without power.

There are about 900 customers without power in Worth County. (Source: WALB)
There are about 900 customers without power in Worth County. (Source: WALB)

We are told that the city of Sylvester is back at 100 percent as well as other parts of the county.

As of this morning, there were just over 1,000 folks without power.

Officials said they expect for everyone in the county to be back up in running within the next 2 to 3 days.

Worth County Manager Carl Rowland explains that officials with the county and the city made this possible.

Carl Rowland. (Source: WALB)
Carl Rowland. (Source: WALB)

“We all worked very hard and worked together to get to where we are now, I think overall everybody responded well and coordinated very well and my hat’s are off to the employee’s,” said Rowland.

He said that next week they will start curbside clean up efforts in both the city and the county.

Crews hit the streets in Worth County this morning to start with the curbside pickups.

Rowland tells us that the Army Corps of Engineers have contracted with a private company to start right away clean ups in the area.

Officials want to remind residents to be patient but know that the clean up efforts will be in full swing starting next week.

The Manager also said more cleanups will begin next week.

“Next week we will be focusing on safety issues. To make sure that if there are any limbs protruding into the right away or close to the right of way we will have those removed so our traveling public will be at ease,” said Rowland.

He said that the city of Sylvester will begin their right away clean ups next week as well.

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