Firefighters encourage purchase of tarps

Camilla FD on Tarps for damaged home

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - As rain is expected in the weekend forecast, fire officials say homes that were damaged in Hurricane Michael could be damaged even more if not protected.

WALB spoke with Camilla Fire Chief Jamie Sullivan who said everyone needs to purchase tarps now.

Sullivan said with rain expected in the forecast this weekend, it’s best for every homeowner to protect the inside of their home to prevent damages.

He said because of Hurricane Michael many homes in Camilla have collapsed trees through its roof.

Sullivan said with many homeowners having debris on top of their homes, it’s best to have tarps to prevent more damages inside your home with upcoming rain showers.

Last weekend, one home which had a tree on its roof was completely lost because of a fire.

Fire officials encourage everyone to protect your homes to prevent future electrical fires.

“Please get it tarped as soon as possible. Every county around has a POD, a point of distribution through their local emergency management and sponsored by GEMA and they’re issuing out tarps. So if you have roof damage, please check and get a tarp,” said Chief Jamie Sullivan, Camilla Fire Department.

Chief Sullivan also said instead of burning your debris, it’s important to keep in mind the ‘No Burn Ban’ and place all debris at the end of your road for pick up.

Chief Jamie Sullivan said tarps are available at the Mitchell Ag Center on Moultrie Road. He said it’s best for every homeowner to get those tarps before the rain comes this weekend.

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