Georgia farmers face millions in losses

Sunbelt AG Expo

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - It’s now been one week since Hurricane Michael wiped out much of Southwest Georgia farmers' crops.

Despite the destruction, the annual Sunbelt Agriculture Exposition is continuing, honoring those impacted by the storm.

So far, many state leaders and officials have visited the show.

Gary Black, Georgia’s agriculture commissioner, said Georgia farmers are looking at upwards of a billion dollars in losses. He said the crops that have the most damage are pecans, cotton and fall vegetables.

Black said while visiting the impacted zones, he was overcome with shock and sadness. He said we need to think of unprecedented solutions because Georgia experienced an unprecedented storm, so they aren’t going to have all the answers.

“I believe the answers actually lie in the heart of our people. And, I’ve told grower after grower that we need to be thinking, what is a way we can do this. How can we restructure debt with our banking institute," said Black.

Black said the loss in crops has left a “gaping hole in the economy,” especially since Georgia leads the nation in pecan and nut production. But as state and federal officials help restore Georgia, he said make sure you take pictures of your damage.

Black said when you don’t produce as much crop as you were suppose to, it’ll be vital to show why.

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