Crisp Power updates powerline repairs

Crisp Power updates powerline repairs
Linemen repairing lines for the Crisp Power Commission (Source: Crisp Power Comm.)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Crisp County Power Commission reported Thursday that electricity has been restored to about 80% of the system grid.

Recently restored areas include the tie between North Valhalla and Scenic Route, and the tie between Raines Station Road, Lakeshore Drive, and Lakeshore Way. The main line to Salt Lick and Stripling’s on Highway 300 as well as service to the TV station were restored.

Cork Ferry Rd and Antioch Road east of Raines Station should be restored today. Swift Creek will still be off Thursday for restoration work.

Crews are also starting to restore taps off the main lines, as well as restoring services and downed lines in various locations.

The crews have finished erecting all twelve 65-foot poles on Highway 300 and will have the wire finished Thursday before moving on to repair other broken high-line poles.

The commission said that some customers have power and others do not, possible because of the way in which the circuits feed. One side of a street may feed from one line while the opposite side feeds from another line.

If one transformer or service is damaged then those customers will be out even though next door neighbors are energized. They have concentrated on getting main lines and large blocks of customers on, and may have bypassed small taps or individual customers with problems so restorations can go on.

They will restore all customers, but it will take time.

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