Sunbelt Ag Expo continues, despite Hurricane Michael

Sunbelt AG Expo

Moultrie, GA (WALB) - The largest North American agriculture show began Tuesday, which is almost a week after Hurricane Michael ripped through much of Southwest Georgia.

Chip Blalock, the executive director for the Sunbelt Ag Expo said he spoke with city officials, who agreed the town needed this event to go forward.

Thankfully, the damage that Hurricane Michael brought to Southwest Georgia was not as severe in some parts. Like, in Moultrie, where the Sunbelt Ag Expo farm didn’t face much destruction.

This is the premier agriculture event of the year. With 1,200 exhibitors spread out across 100 acres, all gearing up to show you their latest tools.

Blalock said with the support of the exhibitors still wanting to be here this week, and the importance of this event to the farmers, they couldn’t disappoint them and cancel the show.

“We’re doing what we’re doing in honor of the farmers, and hopefully it fosters as a healing process. You know, our hearts are broken for them but, in some small way hopefully, this will help the healing process along," said Blalock.

Throughout the next couple of days, there will be more than 300 seminars and demos for farmers to gain hands on experience.

During the demos, which will be dispersed across the 600-acre farm, you’ll get the chance to witness how the same piece of equipment fairs against its competitors.

The level of exposure the exhibitors receive from interacting with thousands of potential buyers is a key reason why they can’t resist returning for each show.

Jason King, Priefect Ranch Equipment South East Territory manager, said they’ve been a part of nearly every single show.

King said the unique opportunity provided by this event to thoroughly showcase their equipment to potential buyers, is unlike any other agriculture event he’s been to.

“We have room for people to walk around here, and actually put their hands on our equipment, feel it, get to use it in somewhat of a sense. And get to know what they’re buying versus looking at it in a catalog,” explained King.

Their cattle handling equipment is displayed across one acre to fully show you how each piece is utilized.

King said regardless if you have a big herd or a small one, they have products that will suit your needs.

“We want you to actually see the quality of our work and the function of it and how we put it into our shoot. So, it’s safe for you and safe for your cattle,” said King.

Blalock said this event is as equally beneficial to both large and smaller acreage farmers. With tools from livestock to lawn mowers on display.

Chris Phillips, Hardee’s sales representative, said this is an effective way to inform buyers of different equipment they may not typically see.

“It allows people to come in and talk to us about the different products. Especially, things like the boom mowers that our dealers may not have on the lot all the time," said Phillips.

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