Terrell County suffers hard hit from Hurricane Michael

Terrell County suffers hard hit from Hurricane Michael
Dawson damage

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Communities all across South Georgia are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Michael devastated us all.

Dawson suffered a major hit from Hurricane Michael.

Terrell County EMA Director calling it a catastrophic event, something the county has never seen before.

Dawson Chief of Police, Tommy Poupard said first responders were helping people evacuate right up until the worst of the storm.

Hours later, they saw extensive damage throughout the entire county but especially Dawson.

National guard has come in to help with supplies such as water, ice, MRE's and tarps.

They have started distributing the resources to their outlying communities.

Crew have been working nonstop since Wednesday and Dawson has 75% of the power restored in the city.

Poupard explained this was a storm that you only see once in a lifetime.

“I talked to a man last night who has lived here for 85 years and he’s never seen anything like this,” said Poupard.

The County and city plans to have a meeting after they've recovered so they know how to prepare in the future.

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