Dougherty Co. Commissioner on Hurricane Michael storm relief

Dougherty Co. Commissioner on Hurricane Michael storm relief
Hurricane Michael ripped through Albany damaging many homes as a Category two storm.

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - In effort to get Dougherty County and the City of Albany back on track, one County commissioner said there is hope for everyone who was affected by Hurricane Michael.

WALB News 10 rode through Putney with Commissioner Anthony Jones as they discussed possible solutions after the devastation.

Meet Carl Davis! He is an Albany resident who endured Hurricane Michael. His family has been living in this home near Nelms Road for over 50 years! It was severely damaged during this storm and the tornado of 2017. Check out a portion of his story below. I’ll have more on this tonight at 11 p.m. WALB News 10

Posted by Asia Wilson WALB on Saturday, October 13, 2018

“Well the district looks like this storm Michael equally distributed the damaged. We got damaged from one end of the county to the other end,” said Commissioner Anthony Jones, Dougherty County Commissioner, District 6.

Seventy-two hours after Hurricane Michael ripped through Dougherty County, Commissioner Anthony Jones took WALB through many neighborhoods in the Putney community and saw the devastation it left behind.

“Right now, we going to try and restore it we just taking it one day at a time mostly,” said Carl Davis, Dougherty County resident.

Carl Davis's family has lived in a home on Nelms Road for over 50 years.

And because of the category two Hurricane, their home, much like many homes in the county are left with trees in the roof.

“As we looked at his home we noticed that we had a tree in the home so therefore you’re going to need a chainsaw and you’re going to need some expert help,” said Commissioner Jones.

Anthony Jones, Dougherty County Commissioner for District 6. (Source: WALB)
Anthony Jones, Dougherty County Commissioner for District 6. (Source: WALB)

Help for everyone in the County whose homes are damaged, he said they can go to the old cola plant to receive help.

“If you have those types of situations go over to pine avenue where the organized volunteers are. Maybe the chainsaw group and some of those folks over there can come out and help them remove that tree from their property,” said Commissioner Jones.

Commissioner Jones also said if you have any debris you would like cleaned up, it’s best to leave it at the end of your property for crews to pick up in the coming days. Any debris that is left on your property will not be picked up as crews are not allow on private property.

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