Albany Mayor and Chairman address citizen concerns

Albany Mayor Address City Concern

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard has received many concerns from residents that utility crews are picking and choosing where to get power on first.

She wants to let the public know that this is simply not true.

The mayor said she herself doesn’t even have power yet.

There are currently 217 linemen in the city working to restore power as quickly as possible.

“Our crews are working too hard to be accused of doing things like that. We please ask you to bear with us and have patience,” said Hubbard.

Tonight, there are approximately 16,800 customers with power and 11,500 without power.

Dougherty County continues to focus on getting the public the basics.

The county said they have requested everything from the state that they can request.

The civic center and EOC building on Honeysuckle Drive will continue to provide food and water to those in need.

They plan to have baby supplies available at civic center beginning tomorrow.

They are asking residents to take photos of the damage with the hashtag #michaelalbany.

Chairman Cohilas said we need to tell our story so outside resources can come in.

“We’ve heard your cry. We understand that babies need diapers, babies need formula. We have requested those things and will continue to request those things,” said Cohilas.

The County has asked for a presidential declaration of a major disaster so individuals can receive assistance.

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