Toomer, Rams prepare for hurricane-delayed championship

Worth County Middle School will host Albany Middle in the Deep South Region Championship

Toomer, Rams prepare for hurricane-delayed championship
Worth County Middle School football practice (Source: WALB)

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Worth county will host the Deep South region championship next Wednesday (October 17th) instead of the originally scheduled October 10th.

The undefeated Rams will play Albany Middle School for the crown.

Worth county is seeking its first championship since 2003 and its first undefeated season since 1993.

The future's bright in Sylvester where the high school has won just one game the past two seasons.

“Our goal from day one is win a championship which seemed like a long shot after the past few years that the middle school has had but there guys bought in and they believed in what we’re doing and they believed in the process and its a really special group," said first-year head coach Austin Newton.

“(It’s a) lot of pressure because our school is looking for a lot of us to show out and win the championship," said 8th grade quarterback Chip Cooper.

There’s plenty size, skill and promise on the way next season. That includes Robert Toomer’s nephew.

8th grader Nantravious Toomer
8th grader Nantravious Toomer (Source: WALB)

Robert Toomer ran for the 2nd most yards in the history of the state of Georgia at Worth County in the late 80s.

There’s been several Toomers to suit up for the Rams since, the latest is showing promise.

Nantravious Toomer has rushed for 7 touchdowns this year.

As the rams gear up for the middle school championship, Toomer is not shying away from any comparisons.

“Robert Toomer, he told me keep working, maybe you can be somebody," said Nantravious at Tuesday’s practice. "He retired his jersey in high school, maybe I want to do the same.”

“Anytime you hear that last name Toomer people get excited especially when he’s a running back," said Newton. "We’ve had some of the cousins come and play but none of them have played running back in the past 20 years.

"But Robert Toomer back in the late 80s set all the record in Georgia, touchdowns, rushing yards. Now we have Nantravious Toomer, he’s an 8th grader. He’s a big kid, super athletic. Does a great job in the classroom.”

Nantravious is recovering from a fractured wrist. The hurricane-induced bye week is giving him extra time to recover.

Worth County beat Albany 26-20 during the regular season.

The Championship is scheduled to kickoff October 17th at 5 p.m. at Milt Miller Field in Sylvester.

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